August’s Sweatshop Social Design Stars!

We’re used to seeing amazing results at our monthly 3rd Ward Sweatshop Socials; whether from that shrinking violet who’s “totally not creative” or has “never sewn before,” to those FIT students just out to make the world a more stylish, plastic-free place. But until now, we’ve just snapped their pics and called it a night. Well, we’re Bags For the People, true, but we’re also Bags For, By, and About the People. So we really got social this time and asked these talented friends to share a little bit about themselves and their new creations.

Sarah and Jenn bag up talent points!

BFTP: Where are you from?

Jenn (on right): Brooklyn

Sarah: Originally PA but now I live in Brooklyn

Working hard and having fun!

BFTP: How’d you hear about the Sweatshop Social?

Jenn: Textile Arts

Sarah: Jenn

Sponsor Pabst Blue Ribbon adds to the high spirits!

BFTP: What was your design inspiration for this bag?

Jenn: I had quilting squares from my great gran that I need to use

Sarah: The sale rack at Joanne Fabrics!

Sarah concentrates amidst the social sewing!

BFTP: If you could go anywhere in the world with this bag, where would you go?

Jenn: The beach; it could carry flip flops and a towel–St. Maarten

Sarah: Italy! It can carry big Italian phrase books and gum to cover up all the garlic I would eat!

Our inspiring new house band, Free Advice!

BFTP: What’s your second favorite thing to do, after sewing bags?

Jenn: I love to read!

Sarah: Playing with my dog

Beers and bros gettin' social!

BFTP: Do you consider yourself an environmentalist or a fashionista?

Jenn: Total environmentalist. Have you seen what I’m wearing??

Sarah: Does it have to be either/or? I think you can be both!

BFTP: But of course! Thanks ladies! Join us for the next Sweatshop Social (a Metromix New York and Flavorpill pick!) on September 27th (my birthday!), featuring music by Free Advice, and beer by Pabst Blue Ribbon!

Come sew a bag and grab a cold one!

Sew Me. Use Me. Wash Me. Reuse Me. Every last Monday of the Month at 3rd Ward, 195 Morgan Ave., Brooklyn, NY

7 to 10 pm, Free – $10 donation

Check out pictures from previous Sweatshop Socials here!

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  1. Joanne
    Posted September 8, 2010 at 11:21 pm | Permalink

    What a GREAT idea! Looks like such fun !

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